Many of the scenes in the 1987 film Ironweed were shot on location in Albany, NY -- also the subject of William Kennedy's Pulitzer prize winning novel. The film got a lot of attention with Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson nominated for Best Actor awards.

Richard and several of the Rhythm Boys band members signed up as extras for one of the memorable scenes from the movie -- the "Streetcard Strike."

Richard reported that the costumes were true to turn-of-the-century working class style. Wool shirt and trousers, vests and jackets, hats. In other words: hot! Rhythm Boys guitarist Greg Romano, saxophonist Cliff Lyons, and Richard were in the scene shot on lower Lark Street, Albany in mid-summer. "We throw weighted styrofoam stones!" he recounted gleefully.

NOTE: The stills show Richard in the crowd. His strike sign can be seen at 2:35 and at 2:39 he's running with the pack in a reverse view.

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